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OC: System...

Right, here's what we are going to do. Basically I will create a new post for every new Scene the Subject of which with start with "Scene:" and then posibly some title. You guys can respond in the following ways:

- You can perform an action by entering "Action:" into the start of your comment followed by a brief explanation, including dice pool and number of successes.


Action: Grapple the Setite with my Shadow tentacles.
Tentacle's Strength + Brawl = 4
Result = 2,5,7,9

After this I will post a comment with the result.

Note: I am going to trust you guys to roll yourselves or use online rollers because I think you guys are mature enough to not abuse it and because anything else would be annoying.

- You can converse with each other/NPCs by entering "Chat:" into the start of the subject line followed by the person you are talking to. You guys could also do this by email or online chat but I'd prefer to be copied into the conversation/sent a copy of the chat log if possible.

- If you want to ask an Out of Character question start your subject off "OC:"

If you guys can think of other thing that need to be included drop a comment.
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