Pope TopherLux (sebastian_lux) wrote in goodchristians,
Pope TopherLux

OC: New players...

What do you guys think about getting a couple of new players? Alex Cook (sasha37) and Alex Broad (<lj user="azekiel") have both enquired about joining in. I have given them both the briefing about needing to pay infernalists/character with potential infernal leanings and no Auspex and they both seem happy about this. Pop a comment in with your thoughts...
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As long as they can descend to the current level of play they are both very welcome :-)
My original post said more and seems to have been lost, but I have explained they need to play either infernalists or sabbat with an infernal leaning and no auspex realistically. They both seem happy with this. I am going to drop the books off the azekiel sometime in the next couple of weeks.
Not necessarily; Kess has plans for redemption ;-)

So, Sabbat with no 'spex would be good enough.

You may mock :-P

Grab me on MSN at some point and I'll let you in on my plans.
Will do if I get a chance though I am off to the Gathering on Friday and will be organising things for a bit before. Maybe next week?
Thats cool. I'll look forward to hearing tales of silliness from the Gathering :-)
Ok sounds like fun. They don't need to be infernalists. It's just ended out that way.
Ah!! Can you post your character sheet for me so I can get things rolling?

True, but it's going to be difficult and potentially story breaking to have a group consisting of both infernalists and non-infernalists. I have suggested that their characters should have at least infernalist leanings.
Let me repeat. Kessalyn is not an infernalist. She just has very bad luck.
"Oh... And I'll also suck your c**k Mr. Demon!"

How is that bad luck exactly?
Its what Caine would have done! I was being true to my Path.

or something...
Hmm... I sense deception... :-)